Short Breaks (respite for families)

Are you aged 16-25 and would like to spend some time away from the family home? We don’t mind where you live, or if you are not yet known to Fairfield, you can still find out if Short Breaks are right for you.

Our bed space is limited so it’s good to make enquiries early so we can find out more about your needs and ambitions and you can decide if this is the right place for you.

What will Short Breaks do for me?

You can have day breaks or overnight stays for as long as you need in our fully equipped, comfortable houses. You’ll have your own room and shared facilities and all the support you need to make your stay a happy one.  

You’ll have the company of other people your own age, so the chance to make friends and have fun together. We offer days out to visitor attractions, Longleat and the beach are favourites! We can even offer a work experience placement in our pub or café, or a wellbeing experience at the Fairfield Animal Park.

But it’s not just about what we have to offer, we spend time finding out what you want to achieve on your short break. You might like the chance to learn to cook healthy meals and snacks. Although we provide transport, you might be keen for a train or bus ride.

Our highly trained and experienced staff do whatever it takes to make a success of your time away from home.


    Packages start from:

    9 Hour/Day Rate – £135.00
    24 Hour/Overnight Rate – £235.00

    Fairfield Trust Short Breaks And Respite Services in Wiltshire
    Fairfield Trust Short Breaks And Respite Services in Wiltshire
    Fairfield Trust Short Breaks And Respite Services in Wiltshire

    What people say about short breaks

    “We enjoy seeing Lucy so happy to go to the “house” on a Friday afternoon, knowing she will be safe and well cared for. We’ve seen Lucy grow in confidence and gain independence from these weekends.”

    “This sort of service is often called respite, that title might suggest that the young adults who attend just receive institutional care, and the carers at home gain “respite” from caring. With the “short break scheme” this is not the case, Lucy gains far more from these weekends. Mixing with her friends, deciding in a group what they are going to do, helping with cooking and household chores, all key in building her independence. And yes it does give Madeleine and I a break.” Richard, Parent.

    “I like seeing my friends, days out, colouring and watching telly in the evenings. I like everything.” Lucy

    Contact Us

    Please register an enquiry in relation to your Short Break requirements. You can use the form on our website, or email us your enquiry.


    WRITE: Short Breaks, Fairfield College, 43 High St, Dilton Marsh, Westbury, BA13 4DL

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