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Animal Park and Cafe in Southwick Country Park, Wiltshire

Fairfield Animal Centre (formerly Hope Nature Centre) is a popular visitor attraction and café, set in 15 acres of Southwick Country Park near Trowbridge.

The animal park features a range of animals including; goats, wallabies, sheep, pigs, donkeys and many more. There is also a variety of play areas children can enjoy too. The on-site café serves a range of hot drinks, snacks and lunch items – all prepared by Trainees.

Fairfield Animal Centre provides a variety of opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities to train and learn new skills. From serving in the café to helping look after our variety of animals, Trainees get involved with all aspects of the running of Fairfield Animal Centre.

What Fairfield Animal Centre can offer Trainees

When Trainees work at Fairfield Animal Centre, they can be a part of the café or animal park team.

In the café, they will learn about preparing food and food hygiene, Health and Safety in the kitchen, communication skills and customer care. There is the opportunity to serve behind the counter, take orders from customers, use the till and prepare food orders.

In the animal park, Trainees learn to look after a wide variety of small and larger animals, undertake maintenance tasks across the site and learn about Health & Safety in the park.

    Fairfield Animal Centre Wiltshire
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