Who is Living Well for?

The Living Well service supports adults with learning needs in their own homes, and communities. Some are living in their family home, others have their own tenancies. We support individuals, couples and groups, depending on what each person hopes for and wants for their future.

There is no age limit for Living Well, so we can continue to work with you for as long as you need us. You don’t need an EHCP plan, and you can simply contact us directly to find out more.  We support people with a range of disabilities, many of whom have Autism.

If people are still living in the family home, Living Well has the added advantage of giving respite to parent carers. 

What will Living Well do for me?

Our Living Well Life Coaches do whatever is needed to help you live your best life. We are ‘person centred’ which means you choose, and you decide what good support looks like, for what it is you want to achieve. We can support you for just a few hours a week, or our Life Coaching team can be there all the time, to help you be as independent as possible.

We listen to what matters to you, we also listen to the important people in your life about what matters for you. We create a plan that we can all follow to make sure we are on track. The plan can change whenever you want it to, as we keep listening to what you want.

The best way to describe Living Well is to tell you what we do for other people. It doesn’t mean you have to have the same, but it will give you an idea of what others wanted and what is possible for you.

    A Life Coach meets Dan at his home every weekend and travels to work with him. Dan works as an usher for weddings at the registry office and has support as he meets and greets guests, brides and grooms. Dan and his coach can have a hectic time as they deal with up to 8 weddings in one day!

    Lauren and Dan first met at Fairfield College 7 years ago and they shared a taxi from their hometown. After a year, Lauren went to a different College, but they met again by chance at a local Club after lockdown and started dating.

    A life coach supports them to have time away from their families, sometimes going bowling, or to the cinema or just for a walk in the park. Dan and Lauren are the ones who decide what happens and where they go each week.

    Fairfield Trust

    Max lives at home with his parents and each week is supported by Living Well to go to different towns using public transport where possible. Sometimes to do a bit of shopping, sometimes to buy smoothie ingredients to make together at home, but usually ending the day with some research and craft work for his journal.

    We will see seven young people moving into their own homes this Autumn we will be helping them with every aspect of their daily lives whilst helping them to settle in and become part of their local communities.


    The costs are based on the need of the individual that requires The Living Well Service.

    We would arrange an initial meeting where we would then put together a cost proposal for each specific case.

    The hourly rate stars at £22.00 plus travel costs at 45p per mile.

      What people say about Living Well 

      “It’s very refreshing to have a service that is flexible and supportive of the whole family. Living Well are approachable, responsive and respectful of our young people’s needs. They care about helping them live their best lives and making it fun, whilst progressing their life skills and independence.” – Lauren’s Parents

      From Max’s Parents  

      • Our Living Well team have become an essential part of our daily lives. It’s good to know we can rely on them to care for our son diligently and sensitively, whatever ’emotional weather’ the day brings.
      • Max loves the fact that he doesn’t always have to do what mum and dad are doing. He can plan his favourite activities independently with the help of his Living Well team.
      • It is reassuring for all of us to see the same faces each week. Max feels secure as he has built up a trusting relationship with his team.
      • We particularly like the Living Well service because they provide excellent training, weekly timetables, holiday and absence cover and have really good communication systems.  We know we can rely on them.

      From Max:

      • I like G because she is really good fun. We get on well together and we like the same music.
      • I like it when we go bowling with my friend D and S takes us to a cafe afterwards.
      • T is really good at arty stuff.  She helps me with ideas for my project book.
      • I like making smoothies with S. She helps me cut up the fruit. They’re really good.

      Contact Us

      If you would like to find out more about Living Well for you, a family member or someone you work with, please contact us on the details below, or use the contact form.


      WRITE: The Living Well Service, Fairfield College, 43 High St, Dilton Marsh, Westbury, BA13 4DL

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