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Fairfield Trust has over 45 years of experience supporting young people with a learning disability, helping them into employment and enabling them to live fulfilling lives. Fairfield College and Fairfield Animal Centre are in the west of the county, however, the Living Well Service will take this expertise out to all communities in Wiltshire, depending on the needs and location of the people requiring our support.  

The Living Well Service supports people with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives, with choice and control over how they spend their time. We work with people in their own homes and communities, focusing on their wellbeing, their life skills, their work skills and social lives. The Service may include personal care, daily living activities and practical tasks and may offer just a few hours of support, or up to 24-hour support. Our goal is to help people to live their best lives.

We are looking for compassionate people to join our team as Life Coaches. At Fairfield Trust we look beyond certificates, and look to see if you’ve got the right values to be a member of our awesome team. If this is your first job, or you are changing career, you will receive all the encouragement, training and qualifications you need to be a great support worker. 

Mission Statement:

‘To enable young people to live and work without barriers’

Fairfield Trust Values:


We hold ourselves, and each other to account, and are better when we work together


We act with trust, honesty and kindness in everything we do


We treat each other fairly, and with respect


We encourage thoughtful, creative and aspirational ideas


We encourage each other to be proud of who we are and what we do


If you would like to apply for a position in The Living Well Service, please follow the procedure below;

STEP 1 – Submit an Expression of Interest form – PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY RECRUITING

STEP 2 – A member of The Living Well Service team will contact you to arrange a telephone discussion.

STEP 3 – Following the phone discussion, successful candidates will be invited to submit an application form and attend a recruitment workshop.

Please note an application form must be submitted prior to attending the workshop.

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